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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the reason she is now blaming a theater employee. and her message for the man who pulled the trigger. thanks for joining us i am wendy ryan. >> and i am jamison uhler. tonight his widow nicole talks excessively to abc action news reporter ashley glass about that day. >> reporter: in my exclusive sitdown with widow nicole olsen she answers the difficult question that she forgive the man who admitted to killing her husband? she also opens up about who else she blamed inside this movie theater two years ago.>> he is still part of me. >> reporter: a widow who wears wedding rings every single day. >> i decided to wear it on here. >> reporter: she cannot wear it on her ring finger. nicole olsen was shot in the hand as her husband was shot to his death two years ago to this
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>> it is hard to believe it can be so far away and get feel so close. >> reporter: captain curtis reeves admits to the shooting after an argument over texting. she is blame the theater and an employee. >> mr. reeves went to complain to a manager. why did he not respond? has been would not be dead if he had resolved the issue on his own. >> reporter: nicole said she is not suing in civil court but she knows exactly how long reeves should be locked up if convicted. >> for the rest of his life. >> reporter: she says their 3- year-old daughter is still having trouble understanding.>> sometimes she talks about him like why can't he come back?>> then unexpected comfort sets in like when they were watching
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>> she said daddy knows these clouds are my favorite color. it just hit me. and i am thinking everything around us is him speaking to us. >> reporter: do you forgive curtis reeves? >> i don't think i am there yet.>> reporter: nicole and her daughter are outside right now making this day about celebrating chad's memory. i asked her attorney and he said this could drag on until 2017. back to you. >> nicole olsen also gave her thoughts today on the interview. head to our website at we are monitoring an active scene in st. petersburg work you are looking at the corner of fifth avenue. officers are telling us they are serve a search warrant at
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case. police chief anthony coley tells us what was going on inside just a few minutes ago.>> we invited ourselv to the party. we didn't have an imitation, but we are coming. >> reporter: they found 14 people inside this home. all have been arrested. officers say they have recovered crack, marijuana, and a weapon. a hillsborough county schoolbus dryer is being blamed. -- driver is being blamed. there were 31 children on the bus from summerfield crossings elementary school. two students for taking to a nearby hospital and the bus driver was a 63-year-old woman who has been ticketed for failing to yield. it has been injury
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afternoon with clouds covering the area. we have no rain right now nor the expecting in tonight. by tomorrow we look to the west as a line of storms will be moving through. at some point there will be the threat of severe weather possibly even tornadoes. not necessarily our area but we cannot write it off either as we continue to see a very strong system coming this way. we will take a closer look at the timing and let you know when the next cold wave arrives. now a heartbreaking case pasco county. a day worker in jail after she threw water in the face of a 3- year-old child. the child was playing with the teachers water bottle and tiffany littlepage through the water in the child's's phase and dumped it on his head. they say littlepage targets children who are slow learners
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them in time out. the daycare's owner says school officials have never been told that before. >> that's definitely bothers me as a parent. you don't want to hear about any child getting hurt. >> littlepage only works at the daycare for four months. the child is no longer enrolled at the school. final preparations are underway for the record powerball drawing. it could go up before the lucky numbers are drawn tonight. there is a really good chance you will have a winner tonight. lottery officials say nearly 86% of all possible number combinations have been selected. the drawing is being made under a cloud of scandal. the man who has run the game since it was created is off the
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was charged on fixing jackpots. adam winer has more.>> the director of the lottery association was suspended indefinitely a nationwide investigation into a cheating scandal continues. one of the states involved is florida. >> this video from iowa started lottery fraud. prosecutors say it shows eddie team 10 -- team 10 -- timpton convicted of rigging the drawing. >> we find edward timpton guilty of fraud. >> we are looking into any jackpots that could be associated with any trend -- timpton . he would know those
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they say timpton have access to lottery games in florida and 36 other states. he had people he knew collect big jackpots. timpton was sentenced to 10 years and faces additional charges. charles stride who oversees games remain suspended while investigation continues. lottery officials point out the games timpton is accused of rigging involved random number generators. they said they are doing all they can to make sure nobody ever cheats.>> it is our job to be one step ahead. that is a tough proposition. i have absolute faith in t group that we have and our expertise. >> reporter: the multistate lottery association says it has examined internal processes and made changes since the scandal. i am i-team investigator
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>> thank you, adam. once we get the numbers we will send out a push learned through our free abc action news mobile app. tonight an unlikely pair is teaming up to save lives. abc action news anchor shows how they became enemies to partners. >> reporter: jessica russell and lower garment ready to call gritty world. ashman at two different colleges still inseparable. >> she was more of a sister than a friend. >> a fateful decision with too much to drink this. >> we never thought it would impact as. >> reporter: jessica drove impaired for 30 miles before she hit a tree killing laura on impact. >> without the prosecutor i was a very tough. >> reporter: this person was us
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gorman's family wanted her in >> i despised her. i didn't think these talks she was doing was genuine. and she obviously looked at me as the enemy. >> i didn't do anything to you. what is he doing this to me? >> reporter: the case>> reporter: on -- the case dragged on. behind bars a surreal moment. why did so many people believe she was telling the truth? a 2020 interview that would change the course of her life. they asked if lori was alive what she wants jessica behind bars? >> he said that was my friend i wouldn't want him to go to prison. >> reporter: the two bumped into each other at a restaurant.>> i knew she was still doing these talks and i proposed why don't we do this together. >> reporter: the pair has traveled across the country. >> if one life is saved because
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>> reporter: serena fagade -- sarina fazan , abc action news. severely injured by the work trucks for the city of tampa, the city ordered to pay him millions 11 years ago. the fraction of that money he is actually received and the florida law that is kept him waiting. back behind bars. a florida teacher in handcuffs days after she was accused of having x mac with a child. temperatures are in the 50s and 60s but we warmed up and then we get stormy.
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video servicing tonight at of oklahoma city. these releasing this video of a wild police chase. a 28-year-old man running from
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100 miles-per-hour. heat a deputy cruiser and then drove the wrong way. minutes later you can see sparks flying and the tailgate drags on the ground. the deputies were finally able to get the truck to stop. a former central florida substitute teacher in trouble with the law 10 days after she was charged with having sex with a 14-year-old boy. according to a police report sarah moore told an employee in st. cloud she was in trouble with police and asked her to delete evidence. she will stay in jail because her bond was revoked. he was severely injured and the city of tampa was found at fault. even though he won millions of dollars in court, he still has not been paid by the city. tonight i-team jarrod holbrook is finding out why.
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to pay a small fraction of the amount. paul he was legally appointed $18 million, a state law kept long -- lability at 100,000. unless lawmakers step in. >> this happened november 22, 1996. >> reporter: it was 19 years ago when romero was riding his motorcycle done hillsboro avenue when three city of tampa water trucks pulled in front of him causing his bike to slam. >> all of these scratches here. >> reporter: while his bike may not look that bad, he was attract about 65 feet while trapped under the truck. he fell into a two-week, and suffered injuries. >> i missing my large intestine and i dislocated my right soldier -- shoulder. my quality of life has been
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and was an award-winning chef. >> you name it, i did it. i can't do anything that anymore. >> reporter: he sued the city of tampa and won. he was awarded $18 million. it was the largest verdict against the city of tampa. that was in 2004. in 2016 romero is still waiting for his money. >> there is no justice. i could've had a decent life or at least some kind of a fair life 20 years ago.>> reporter: the city appealed the case ended with to the florida supreme court. all of the city -- all the city paid was capped out. any award against the city must now be authorized by state lawmakers. >> anyone that suffers consequences of a city or any
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keep fighting over and over. >> reporter: romero's fate is going back to tallahassee. >> what about my hopes? no comment from mayor bacon's office tonight.>> it is an issue in tallahassee. attorneys say if it passes legislature, tampa's budget would be taking a huge hit. i am jarrod holbrook taking action for you. a little overcast today and a little chilly too. >> i call it cold.>> that's the easiest one. >> for us. that is chilly. if we are floridians yes, it is
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friday morning. this is a very tricky forecast pinpointing the exact location of storms. it is going to rain friday morning. who picks up the heaviest rather is still in -- weather is still in doubt. it is 54 in brooksville and everybody else is in the upper 50s. we hit 61 today in tampa and 55 in crystal river. that is 15 degrees below normal. tampa is mostly cloudy with 58. satellite picture shows it all. we are just socked in with a milky look to the sky. tonight we have it tomorrow as a sub trackable chat -- sub trackable jet -- subtropical jet brings a very active water
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there is a lot of moisture out there. what the jet does is bringing things in our direction and energizes the storms as they come through. that is why florida is an el nino situation where we get severe weather. last saturday that set up in naples was the key to this. there will be severe weather on friday but where the small area sets up his when you're talking about the entire west coast of florida, you get it. most of the area doesn't see severe weather. it won't be an issue tomorrow morning, with some breaks in the cloud cover later on. then we get a warm front rolling through tomorrow night. temperatures will rise tomorrow night as we destabilize and set the atmosphere of for severe weather. this particular run brings this through between 8:00 at 10:00
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it might be as early as 4:00 or 5:00 or as late as 9:00 or 10:00. the exact location of where the severe weather and tornado watch will likely have a better idea tomorrow afternoon to evening. by lunchtime, it is gone. whatever you have planned friday morning, keep your eye on the sky and facebook. we will let you know where things are setting up. i am confident there will be a severe thunderstorm and maybe even a tornado across part of the west coast of florida. but it is too early to say if that will be an issue for our immediate viewing area. as a comes across it could be north or south. we will keep you up-to-date. high temperatures on thursday keeps destabilizing the atmosphere more with storms
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sunday. cleveland browns breach the wheels to get the nfl head coaching jobs deal. the bengals offensive coordinator hugh jackson today has five openings now. the browns are counting on jackson's knowledge. this move basically guarantees the browns will drop quarterback -- dropped a quarterback with the pic. it takes away one of the 49ers head that they like. with buccaneer offensive coordinator jared cotter. things have been very quiet which could signal the calm before the storm.
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and dazzled them with ellie expansion plans and the key to it all was money no object. he scored a finance this whole thing and less the chargers want him. he will pay a $550 million expansion fee. that is over 2 billion canales total. >> what is happened here is has gone up since 2002. let's be fair. i understand the emotional argument. but it is not something that you want to do. the excitement that the feel about being able to return the rams to los angeles is balanced with a disappointment that we weren't able to get it done for our fans in st. louis or san diego and oakland. >> warmer running back lawrence phillips found dead in his prison cell overnight.
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officials suspect suicide. phillips learned yesterday there was enough evidence to try him in the death of his former cellmate. i don't the the lightning could offer a better situation. beginning friday night 11 of their next 14 games are at home. if they play the way they played the last seven periods, this team will be a wrecking ball on the ice.
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we have continuing coverage of a top stories at our website at we will see you back here on at 11:00.
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